Prairie View Animal Hospital

24 Rich Road
Dekalb, IL 60115


Posted By :    Colleen Burns
Posted :    2/12/2013
Comments :    The entire staff at Prairie View took wonderful care of my cat, Milton, when he needed eye surgery. I tell everyone how well my little blind kitty was taken care of at Prairie View. It is clear the entire staff loves animals.
Posted By :    Gary & Dorene Rice  (
Posted :    12/10/2012
Comments :    Just had our first visit to your clinic with Dr. Emmert with our cat "Peter". What a great thoughtful Doctor he was. Also a shout out to Kayleigh who kept us informed as the Doctor was checking out our cat. She is one of the best assistants we have ever had.
Posted By :    Mary Vitkus
Posted :    11/11/2012
Comments :    Thank you all so much for staying open late on Saturday for Dommie. The medicine is working great, the irritated area is clearing up in just 3 treatments of the meds! Dommie hi-paws everyone who had to stay late to help out!! PVA is the only place I recommend to my friends !
Posted By :    Linda O'Connor
Posted :    9/14/2012
Comments :    Prairie View is a great facility. I took our two year old pointer mix there for her annual checkup, Dr.Diemer and staff were very professional, thorough and answered all my questions about caring for my dog. I would definately recommend Prairie View to my friends
Posted By :    Sue
Posted :    9/4/2012
Comments :    Dr. Diemer, Dr. Emmert, and the the entire staff are wonderful! I've had many pets that have been there since they started on Lincoln Hwy., and I will never go anywhere else. The kindness, skill, and professionalism they show every day is unsurpassed. Take your loved ones here, you will never regret it for a minute!
Posted By :    Judy Vancil
Posted :    3/15/2012
Comments :    Both doctors and everyone on the staff at Prairie View have been NOTHING but friendly and compassionate towards my family and our animals. Our dogs are a part of our family and we have been shown the most quality of care as you would expect from people who feel the same towards animals.
Posted By :    Peg Rozhon
Posted :    2/17/2012
Comments :    I recently had a series of laser treatments for my 8 y.o. corgi which has a history of herniated disc issues. While she did not like the treatments, they have made a HUGE difference in her comfort. As a result of these treatments, she no longer exhibits stiffness after resting/sleeping, she is energetic, and she is able to go on long walks and runs just like she used to prior to disc injury. I would highly recommend these treatments for any dog with arthritis or back issues. I am seeking the same therapy for me!
Posted By :    Jennifer Drayer
Posted :    2/16/2012
Comments :    I couldnt have asked for a better vet. When my Pom Gypsy was Bit in the shoulder at 14 weeks old (shattered her shoulder blade), the vet was very accomadating, even staying after hours to care for her. The Staff at PVA are absolutely fabulous! Most recognize either you or your pet as soon as you walk through the door! I will miss this vet! (moved back to SC Jan 2011)
Posted By :    Ingeborg & Rudolf Bisanz
Posted :    10/30/2011
Comments :    Thanks to the great care, attention, and medical expertise given to our cat "Fritzi," by Prairie View Animal Hospital on 10-11-2011, after her near-death accident,caused by a garage door closing on her neck, she has fully recovered and is now as happy as ever. Many, many thanks to all at Prairie View!
Posted By :    Darla Cook
Posted :    9/12/2011
Comments :    We went through an illness that cost our beloved cat Spice her life last year..during the entire time the Dr. and staff at PV were very helpful and supportive..we also have lost another cat this year..we still have a 14 year old Yorkie and two new kitties that we take to PV .. the techs/staff are all great and Dr. Diemer and Dr. Emmert are wonderful...they take the time to explain everything, answer your questions and you can tell they truly care about your animal..we wouldn't go anywhere else !!!
Posted By :    Katy Koval  (
Posted :    5/22/2011
Comments :    I take my dog BoBo to PVA and I have to say I could not be more satisfied. Whenever he is sick they are just a phone call away. If I'm in a hurry with my busy schedule they quickly get me what I need so that I can just go and pick it up. The prices are very reasonable and this staff truly cares. The doctors are amazing and the nurses are as nice as can be. The young lady with the short brown hair is so knowledgable and helpful!!!!!They go far and beyond to make sure that my dog is as healthy as he can be. While I was in the hospital A lady from Chicago told me she travels in whenever her animals need to be seen! The facility is very clean, and modern. I am so happy with this place! I'd recommend it to anyone!
Posted By :    Dan Fazekas  (
Posted :    4/8/2010
Comments :    My family has been with Dr. Emmer since the time he started with Dr. Paul on Lincoln Hwy. Dr. Emmer and then Dr. Diemer have treated our geriatric society, all of them for their full lives, which includes a nearly 18 year old Aussie - still alive, a nearly 18 year old Maine Coone - still alive, two other 9 year old dogs Shepherd and Blue Heeler mix, and in the last year the two 20 year old cats we buried. This group of doctors, techs, and assistants has been like family to our "critters" and I can't think of anyone else I would trust with their care.
Posted By :    Megan K. and Parker
Posted :    3/18/2010
Comments :    Prairie View Animal Hospital is a good place to take your animals. I am a new patient and took my cat there. The facilities are good, and both Dr. Diemer and the vet tech were very patient and informative with my many questions. If you are looking for a good vet, I would not hesitate to take your pet there.
Posted By :    Angie Dybas
Posted :    11/24/2009
Comments :    I have been a loyal client for over 17 years. I have had many wonderful experiences with Dr. Emmert,Dr. Diemer and everyone on their staff. They love and care for my pets almost as much as I do. This is the best vet I have ever used in my entire life. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you bring your pet to this practice.
Posted By :    Sheila Bragg
Posted :    8/7/2009
Comments :    I am very impressed with the staff and Dr. Diemer. My dog was having a problem and they let me come in without an appointment, being a new patient and they had a busy schedule. They made time for me and took the time to answer all my questions. They were very compassionate. I would highly recommend them and will continue to go to them. Thanks for all you did.
Posted By :    James Kunkel
Posted :    4/28/2009
Comments :    Prairie View Animal Hospital is not only an Outstanding Vet Hospital, but the *staff members are the best, most caring, business professional, customer service oriented people I could ask for!!* This combination is truly special and my Wife, Golden Retriever and I feel very fortunate to have such an excellent choice. Dr. Diemer has my complete confidence, is very knowledgeable, patient, and my Golden is lucky to have such a caring Doctor!
Posted By :    Michelle Johnson
Posted :    1/8/2009
Comments :    Prairieview is an amazing facility. When we adopted our first cat we had a lot of questions and were not sure where to look for answers. A friend recommended PVH and we couldn't be happier. They're more than willing to answer all your questions and were great at calming our nerves as well. I will definitely recommend PVH to all my friends.
Posted By :    Madelyn Nelson
Posted :    12/12/2007
Comments :    Prarie View is a terrific clinic. While pet-sitting for a friend on vaction her dog passed away while I was at work. I was devastated. I am really grateful for the time and kindness of Dr. Emmert who explained sudden cardiac events in boxers which eased the pain for both my friend and I. Office staff helped me with final arrangements. This is a wonderful and understanding place to bring your pets.
Posted By :    Rachel Harder
Posted :    3/25/2007
Comments :    Prairieview is a WONDERFUL facility! Both Dr. Diemer and Dr. Emmert are extremely knowledgeable in their field. Staff is friendly and very helpful as well. It is evident that everyone there definitely has a love for animals! I know I will continue going to Prairieview for as long as I have animals...which will be for a lifetime!
Posted By :    Cindie Cortinas  (
Posted :    11/4/2006
Comments :    My family just brought home a 13 week old Boxer Puppy. Our neighbors suggested PVA and i was so glad that i took their advice. Dr. Deamer and his assistant were fantastic. I had several questions and Kristen was so patient and helpful with answers. I would defentitely reccomend PVA to everyone.