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Veterinary Laser Surgery

Laser technology has been helping doctors to safely and effectively treat patients for more than 30 years. The technology is well proven and well documented, and it is now being adopted by veterinarians to provide better pet care.

Your pet's health is our number one priority. This is why Prairie View Animal Hospital is pleased to be the first animal hos
pital in the Dekalb area to use a laser.

What is a laser?
A laser is a device that generates an intense beam of coherent light that can cut, seal or vaporize tissue. 

Why a laser?

*Less Pain - lasers seal nerve endings, reducing the amount of pain for the patient.

*Less Bleeding - small blood vessels are sealed off during surgery.

*Less Swelling - because there is no physical contact with tissue made by the laser, there is no tearing, bruising, or crushing of tissue cells reducing the inflammatory response so the patient can heal faster.

*Quicker Recovery - patients can return to normal activities and their home environment sooner because of reduced pain, swelling, and bleeding.

What types of proc
edures are practical for lasers? 

Lasers are used in a wide array of procedures. We use lasers for spays, neuters, declaws, ear hematomas, cyst removal, tumor removals, and anterior cruciate ligament repairs. A laser can be utilized in almost all surgical procedures.

Prairie View Animal Hospital's surgery room Laser surgery being performed at Prairie View Animal Hospital  Surgery at Prairie View Animal Hospital