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Anonymous A.

Bloomingdale, IL


I have been brining my animals here for years and am very happy with Dr. Diemer, his expertise and wonderful bedside manner.  He has very calm energy and the dogs are never agitated when they have to visit him.

The staff at Prairieview are wonderful.  They follow-up promptly and have always been very helpful in getting the necessities requested.  

They may not be necessarily the cheapest facility around but, you get what you pay for.  They have a clean and modern office space (far different from the "strip mall" vets that are popping up), their knowledge is up to date and they are generally just a pleasant place to do business.




Kevin K.

  • Hoffman Estates, IL


I brought my cat here in February when they did half off spays and neuters. The facility was really clean and really nice. The staff was all friendly and very professional. I knew that they would take good care of my pet! I picked this place not only because of the great deal, but also because they use a surgical laser for all spays and neuters. The price also included blood work and an exam to make sure my cat would be safe during the operation. I would highly recommend this place to my family & friends!




Christi J. 

Sycamore, IL

The best of the best! Prairie View has taken care of my animals for many years.They are knowledgeable and caring. I like that they send me magazines w.reminders of my pets needs (shots, vaccines, etc.) They also have a wide variety of specialty items such as diet food and treats. The staff are professional and never complain at my bizarre requests.



Nancy R. 

DeKalb, IL

This is one terrific veterinary practice.   We have been bringing our pets to Prairie View for many years.  We travel with our dogs and have had to use other vets from time to time.  Those experiences, which have generally been fine, have reminded us how fortunate we are to have Prairie View as"the gangs" primary medical caregivers.  Most impressive is how current they stay with good treatments and how, if encountering a more unusual problem, they will actively investigate the best treatment options.  The staff are all friendly and willing to go out of their way to help.



Martin H.  

Vestal, NY

Have been bringing my dogs here for years, the doctors and the staff are great.



Mel R.  

Sycamore, IL

I have taken my pets there for many years. They are always friendly and helpful.I recently had to get my cat's teeth done. The cost  was extensive and more than I could afford at the time and they were very willing to allow me to make monthly payments until the balance was paid off. I would recommend (and have recommended) to anyone who loves their pets like their own kids.


Steven W.

Sycamore, IL

Have been bringing our dogs here since they opened. And even before when they were Dr. Pauls. Outstanding Drs., staff, facilities and service.



Emily A.

DeKalb, IL

We absolutely LOVE Prairie View Animal Hospital.  The staff is friendly,knowledgeable, caring and has an obvious love for animals.

Dr. Diemer and Dr. Emmert are friendly, patient, and competent veterinarians. They continue to hone their skills by staying on top of medical advance sand technology to give their patients the best possible care. We have also found their prices to be very fair.  We have called numerous times to ask questions about our pets' ailments ranging from car sickness to allergies --they are very quick to return my calls and only prescribe medicine or recommend the animals come in for an appointment if absolutely necessary.  If there is an appropriate over-the-counter medicine, the veterinarians always recommend that first to help save their clients money.  During appointments both Diemer and Emmert give us their full attention -- taking time to explain their diagnosis and our treatment options.

Our only complaint is that there is no emergency number to call after hours. The closest emergency vet is in Aurora -- about 40 minutes away.

Our family from Galena, Illinois has started to take their dog to Prairie View because they were so impressed with how the doctors and staff cared for our animals. We HIGHLY recommend Prairie View!!

Proud owner of two Devon Rex cats, a Sphynx cat, and a Labradoodle.


Oyster P.
, DeKalb, IL


Dr. Emmett and his staff are absolutely wonderful and very caring. I recently had to take my dog in because he had bit someone. Dr. Emmett had his staff take care of all the paperwork and contact animal control on my behalf. I called first thing Monday morning and they were able to see me within the hour. Dr. Emmett explained the process involved in dog bites since this was the first experience for me. He also noted on the paperwork to animal control that my dog was very well mannered and behaved during his physical. I would definitely recommend this animal hospital to anyone. They really care about their patients!

Lisa P., DeKalb, IL


I have been bringing my dogs to Prairie View for over 20 years. All of the staff have been very knowledgable and caring. I have had puppies to the elderly who needed to be euthanized, and my dogs have been given the best treatments and the most compassionate care. The doctors always take time to explain everything and answer any questions that I have.
I also do foster care for TAILS Human Society, and have had foster dogs who have needed to be seen at Prairie View. These dogs are treated equally as well and have had great outcomes to some very serious illnesses.
I would highly recommend (and do) these veterinarians to anyone looking for a reference for their pet.


Julie M., Sycamore, IL

We had a 9 yr old white German shephard, Max, who would pull the kids around the block on their roller blades.   On Mother's Day one year, they had their fun but when they returned, Max collapsed.  We called our usual vet, Bethany Animal, & they would do nothing since it was Mother's Day.  We called Prairie View in desperation & their answering service called Dr. Emmert who called us back right away and said to go their clinic immediately.  BOTH Dr. Emmert and Dr. Diemer came in, took an x-ray, but sadly our beloved dog was full of liver cancer... The doctors gave us time to say our good-byes and we stayed by his side as he slipped away.  For both of them to leave their wives & families to care for a critical animal shows their integrity.  Their caring and compassion for our pets have always left a lasting GOOD impression.  We will only use them now for our many cats.


Steven E., Sycamore, IL


Drs. Emmert and Diemer, the techs, and entire staff have always been great. We have had two cats and 4 dogs that have all been patients here over the years, and we have always been extremely satisfied with the compassionate and knowledgable care they all have received. Everyone there is always friendly, and have always been great about answering any questions. We recently had to have our beloved black lab, Niki, euthanized due to age related health issues. My sons and I brought her in, and Dr. Emmert and the technician were very comforting to us and Niki during this very difficult time. We recently adopted another black lab mix puppy from tails, and I did not hesitate bringing Ozzy in to have his first exam and start what hopefully will be a long relationship at Prarie View with him. Thank you all at Prarie View Animal Hospital for the great and compassionate work that you do!


Lori S., Kingston, IL


We have received excellent, thorough care for our Westie, Sophie, from Dr. Emmert and the Prairie View staff. He has full credit for diagnosing and sparing her life from a Leptospirosis infection. She had become rapidly quite sick with much vomiting, anorexia, lethargy and joint aches.  Dr. Emmert saw Sophie the same day I called for an appointment and was presented with a dog he had no history with who was obviously quite ill.    Dr. Emmert listened closely of her healthy history, sudden onset of fairly severe  symptoms, about her environment, daily habits and he was able to piece together what could be wrong.  Along with considering a genetic problem and other possibilities he also  recalled that there had been a thaw and much standing water on top if the ice. Since we live in a wooded area with wildlife that are carriers of this bacteria, he felt there was a slight chance she may have come into contact with water that had the bacteria in it.   It was March and this disease it known in warmer swampy areas,  not so much in Illinois especially in March. He recommended blood work with a special test to detect Leptospirosis, saving the possibility of imaging and more invasive diagnostics based on initial blood work.  Because he took a thorough history and put in such diligent effort to make sure he knew exactly what was causing her to go into renal failure,  saved her life! We are so grateful to he and the staff at Prairie View as it is strongly evident they do amazing work! Thank You!


Kris S., Hinckley, IL


I absolutely love this place.  They take the time to explain everything in full detail, answer any and all questions, and always show our pets so much love.  Everyone from the office staff, to the vet assistants and the doctors themselves get an A+ in my book.  Out of all the places I've ever taken my pets too, these guys are the best.  Would highly recommend.


Kathy S., Sycamore, IL


I consider myself to be a fairly well-informed and knowledgeable pet owner and I've always been extremely pleased with both Drs. Diemer and Emmert. In addition to their caring treatment, they've always had great advice on nutrition for my pets and never recommend unnecessary and expensive tests. Their staff is top notch.

Not only do I have dogs and cats but I am the director of Oaken Acres Wildlife Center in rural Sycamore, Illinois. For the past five years, the vets and staff at Prairie View have been so helpful to me as a wildlife rehabilitator with emergencies, surgeries, xrays and medications for my wildlife patients. They have provided their veterinary services at no cost to my wildlife center which is a huge help to a charitable organization.

I was also the founding president of TAILS Humane Society and Prairie View was and has been the most supportive animal hospital in our county. Their support of TAILS was instrumental to its success.

Choosing a veterinarian for your beloved pets is a very personal decision and I'm glad that Prairie View A.H. is in our community. Their compassion, generosity and community service is praiseworthy.


    Kathy H., Dekalb, IL


    My family, and the state licensed dog breed rescue program that I administrate, have been clients of Prairie View Animal Hospital (previously Dr Paul's practice) since we moved to DeKalb in 1985.  I would estimate that I have visited their offices with close to 100 dogs and cats during that time.  Some visits were routine exams of an incoming foster dog.  Some visits were emergencies requiring immediate care, including surgeries.  I have always put my trust in Dr Emmert and Dr Diemer to make the best choices for my own pets as well as dogs in my rescue program.  

    When I leave town, whether my dogs are boarded at Prairie View, or elsewhere, I feel the utmost confidence in stating that the vets and staff at this clinic can be called upon to make ANY decision concerning my pets' care.  I put that in writing, and give a copy to the vet staff as well as anyone else caring for my pets in my home or their own home.

    I recommend Prairie View Animal Hospital to everyone I meet, especially people new to the community looking for a vet for their family pets.

    I train and show my dogs in Conformation and Obedience events.  Drs. Emmert and Diemer have always been sensitive to the needs of my active competition dogs, especially when it comes to sport-related injuries.  I listen to and follow their instructions completely, because I know that they are consistently updating their medical practices.  Both doctors attend medical conferences regularly to learn new treatments and techniques.  And, both doctors are not afraid to say when a specialist is needed.  In fact, one of the best things about Prairie View Animal Hospital IS that they refer patients to specialty centers for care beyond their ability to provide.  I am also extremely pleased that they regularly access medical specialists through a veterinary Internet source, when only a verbal consult is required.

    Veterinary care is expensive, it's true.  But I know that the staff at this hospital is concerned for not only my pets' health, but also my pocketbook.  I have never felt over-charged.  And I have never felt that appropriate care was not provided to my pets.

    There have been times when my pet has passed away because no one, no vet, could make them well again.  I know that they have received the best care, but sadly, it is time to say good-bye.  Whether I take my pet to the Prairie View offices for euthanasia, whether one of the vets comes to my home to perform that last act of kindness, or, if my pet has died suddenly at home, which has happened, I never fail to receive compassionate service from the doctors and the staff.

    I am more than happy to speak with anyone about the quality care that Prairie View Animal Hospital provides.  Kathy Hubbard. Gordon Highlander Rescue Program - Gordon Setter Club of America.