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Purina OM for overweight management is recommended by Prairie View Animal Hospital

It is important to keep your pet at their ideal body weight.

Read the results below:

A groundbreaking 14 year dog life span study by Purina researchers showed that by feeding dogs to ideal body condition throughout their lives, you can help extend their healthy years (1.8 years for dogs in study). Although the dogs in the study generally developed the same health conditions as they aged, treatment for those conditions was delayed approximately two years for the lean-fed dogs.

This dog life span study was groundbreaking in a number of ways, and its findings have changed the way we look at the connection betwObesity in Dogseen nutrition and health:

? First completed study of its kind to last the entire life span of a larger mammal

? 14-year study conducted at Purina Pet Care Center in Missouri

? 48 Labrador Retrievers were paired, then randomly placed in two different groups

? All dogs received the same 100 percent nutritionally complete and balanced foods - only the amount differed.

? Study documented that feeding to an ideal body condition can help extend healthy years in dogs

Dietary Considerations: 

Purina Veterinary Diets? OM Overweight Management? canine & feline formulas provide balanced nutrition for safe and effective weight loss and have been formulated to achieve the following characteristics:

  • Low calorie
  • Low Fat
  • Optimal level of natural fiber helps dogs feel full
  • High protein to help maintain lean body mass

    Please view the body condition scoring systems below to see what your pet's number is:

Purina Body Condition Scoring System for Dogs

Purina Body Condition Scoring System for Cats